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     Grant co-founded NTS, leading the scientific resource strategies in pursuit of innovative formulations and clinical study designs.

     Grant's past experience in the healthcare industry and research; specifically drug delivery system development, medical devices, and nano-technologies drives NTS' R&D strengths.         Spearheading medical trials and unique testing validation efforts is positioning NTS as a leader in reliable, validated, and effective solutions creating sustained partnership value. 

CEO & Co-founder

Grant Lorimer

    Matt co-founded NTS leveraging over ten years of technology commercialization and sales experience to identify market trends and strategic opportunities to provide valuable insights for our partners and their consumers. 

    Matt's focus on customer orientation drive's NTS' growth strategy through channel selection and portfolio management increasing the speed to market for our partners.

    Providing an open line of communication drives collaborative development and unique solutions helping our partners get to market.

CMO & Co-founder

Matthew Heinrich

    Aymen is the latest addition to NTS utilizing  his past experience working with global commercial chemical producers to aid compliance and development in laboratory processes and quality. 

    Aymen graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual major in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science adding to the depth of expertise supporting NTS' innovations.

Lab Manager

Aymen Maktari

    Parya is a PhD candidate who has worked both directly and indirectly with NTS' laboratory.  Utilizing her expertise in chemical reactions and behaviors has allowed her to increase the efficiency of product development, leveraging cross-industry research and intuitive formulation hypothesis  and trials.  

    Parya has helped develop and validate numerous formulations for commercial availability.

Lab Technician

Parya Siahcheshm

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