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Researched. Formulated. Tested. Effective.

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Determine which solution is right for you.

Information, Applications, and Benefits.

 Development, Value, and Partnerships.

Commitment to Proven Quality 

Leveraging cross-industry relationships, our team has performed rapid formulation of various solutions to identify effective solutions that meet consumer demands.  Utilizing internal and 3rd party testing guarantees our partners safe, consistent, and effective formulations which ensure seamless product integration and trust.

3-Phase Lab Tests

1) Internal

2) University

3) 3rd Party Lab

Rapid formulation and seamless integration creating value via instant access.

We utilize GRAS ingredients and follow cGMP  guidelines.

Integration into  many applications: Medical, Topical, Food, Beverage, Soap, or Cosmetics

"Providing instant infusion capabilities for our Partners"

- Matt Heinrich, Co-founder of NTS


We founded NTS in 2018 to answer the need for a validated, repeatable process to produce effective formulations for the water-soluble marketplace.  Our team of Biomedical Engineers, Chemists, and Business Professionals has enabled an efficient, scalable, and trusted formulation development portfolio providing instant value to our partners. 



We deliver on this mission by focusing our resources and time on four key metrics:


We only use high quality G.R.A.S. ingredients, safe for dosing in any application.


Our processes produce lab verified results, at scale, for a product you can trust.


Modular and redundant processing allows scale to meet any demand.


Continuous R&D creates new solutions and long term value for our partners.

Effective Formulations. Simplified. 

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